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Industries we Support



Oil & Gas

Drones play a vital role in the Oil and Gas industry by enhancing efficiency, safety, cost and data collection:


-Leak Detection

-Emergency Response

- Maintenance.



Drones have become indispensable in the Electricity sector, revolutionizing infrastructure inspections, electrical transmission tower, and electrical distribution networks. They provide a cost-effective and efficient means for utilities to swiftly address issues, whether it's inspecting power lines, monitoring the environment, or enhancing overall system reliability and safety. by using thermal and ultraviolet inspection technologies.


Marin & Port

Drones are increasingly integral in the Marin and Port sector. They enhance maritime safety, aid in search and rescue operations, monitor shipping traffic, and inspect port infrastructure. Drones also assist in environmental assessments, oil spill detection, and security surveillance, making them invaluable tools for ensuring efficient and secure maritime operations.



Drones have revolutionized the Construction industry, offering a bird's-eye view of sites and enabling precise mapping, progress monitoring, and safety inspections. They enhance project efficiency, quality control, and cost-effectiveness, while also facilitating better communication among project stakeholders by providing detailed project reports.


Surveying and Mapping

Our advanced drone technology combines topographical surveys photogrammetry, and LiDAR to generate precise 3D models. By integrating GIS, we empower construction, real estate, agriculture city planning, public health, and safety sectors with tailored solutions:

-Point cloud

-OrthosMosaic (Tiff,Geotiff), etc.



Drones are transforming the Mining sector by providing efficient solutions for exploration, surveying, and mapping. These unmanned aerial vehicles conduct aerial surveys, monitor mining operations, and map terrain, improving geological insights and calculate the volumes.

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